Never The Big Spoon Petite Goodr Sunglasses


Celebrate your "little spoon" status with these small orange sunglasses made for petite noggins. Slim-fit active shades with mirrored reflective lenses to reduce glare and hide your eyes from the big spoon haters. Slim Fit for Smaller Faces. Mirrored lenses reduce glare, hide your eyes, and come in vibrant colors.

NO SLIPConstructed with a special grip-coated frame to eliminate slippage when sweating.

NO BOUNCESnug, lightweight frame with a comfortable fit that prevents bouncing while you crush your workout.

POLARIZEDGlare-reducing, polarized lenses with UV400 protection block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

ALL PETITEA smaller frame built specifically to accommodate those with tiny noggins.

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