Permanent Jewelry Appointment


Ali is now offering permanent jewelry at Ali on the Boulevard. You can choose to get a bracelet or necklace from a variety of sterling silver or 14K gold filled chain. It is a great way to set an intention, create a bond with a loved one, or just because you want a little extra sparkle. Prices range from $55 - $85.  Just book which time works best for you & come into the store to get your personalized + permanent jewelry piece! We hope to see you soon! 💖


Gold filled bracelets: $65 / gold filled necklaces: $85

Sterling silver bracelets: $55 / sterling silver necklaces $75

What is permanent jewelry?
Permanent jewelry is a unique way to wear a bracelet or necklace, as it doesn't have a clasp. Instead, the chain is welded or "zapped" together in a quick & 100% painless process. So you never have to worry about taking it on or off. Since it is custom made just for you, you can have the perfect fit and style that you are looking for. Just like a tattoo, this piece of jewelry can have special meaning behind it. Many people will get a matching set with a family member or loved one for a long-lasting bond. If for some reason you need it removed, you can snip it off with a pair of scissors and get it re-welded with a clasp if you choose. We can't wait to be apart of your collection.

$25 deposit required - This money will go towards your purchase at the time of your appointment. 

Chain break? No worries! Ali will make can re-weld it for free the first time or add a clasp for $10.  Any further repairs will cost $15

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